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What is ACP

The Asia Cloud Platform, or ACP is a disruptive federated cloud platform, which brings together seasoned IT stalwarts with native presence in the country to provide a holistic cloud service that goes beyond traditional data centres.

This deployment of the platform is the first of its kind in Asia, run by ground-breaking technology, and has a huge potential in its market reach like no other cloud provider can achieve. Malaysia serves as a start vector to move into other ASEAN and Asian markets. This is made possible by the partners under ACP in the respective markets.

ACP is built on a multi-cloud environment with an architecture designed by the co-founders and affiliate partners to simplify businesses moving to the cloud. Being a federated cloud platform, the ACP can accommodate customers’ fluctuating demands of usage with ease while its affiliate partners can adapt to such flexibility without having to build new points-of-presence. It also ensures industry best of breed security for both cloud infrastructure and applications that are deployed within.

Traditional cloud services only serve to secure its infrastructure and not the Public and Private cloud applications. With ACP, security and integration concerns are now removed as each of its co-founders and affiliate partners bring with them niche experience and proven track record to ACP. It supports single interaction and contact whilst eliminates the need for businesses to deal with multiple vendors.

The bespoke configuration caters for data to be easily moved between platforms with flexible options of product offerings. This meet the needs of businesses across all industries more efficiently than any single vendor.

Our Architecture